Sunday, October 28, 2012

YouTube Subscriptions

Years ago, back when this blog still sucked (or maybe I should say "back when it sucked more than it sucks now"), I wrote about the websites I had bookmarked on my browser at the time.  Today, I'm doing something similar, yet different.  I figure the dozen or so of you who read my blog do so because it entertains you, and maybe even makes you laugh.  So I decided that I'd share with you the things that entertain me and make me laugh.  I present to you the YouTube channels that I subscribe to (in alphabetical order).

1. BaratsAndBereta

This is one of my oldest subscriptions.  Noah "Sir Headolence the Dubious" Heninger introduced them to me back in 2008 with their MANtage video, a montage of manliness.  "There's Luke beatin' Mario Bros.  No warps."  Luke Barats and Joe Bereta (Luke Bereta and Joe Barats?  No, I think I had it right the first time.) have been making videos together for years.  They've slowed down lately because Joe is involved in some other project, but they have a lot of classic YouTube videos.  They even do a couple sketches as LDS missionaries.

2. BriTANicKdotcom

Like Barats and Bereta, this is another classic YouTube duo who aren't very active on YouTube theses days.  I think they're making actual movies now.  Independent ones that no one has heard of.  The above video guest stars Community's Danny Pudi, and is probably my favourite one of their videos.  I'm pretty sure I discovered them through

3. Cracked

I'm actually not too sure why I subscribe to Cracked's YouTube channel.  Don't get me wrong; I love their videos.  It's just that I visit pretty much every day, and they post their videos there about a week before they post them to YouTube, so by the time they get to YouTube, I've already seen them.  Screw it.  I'm not unsubscribing.  The reason I like Cracked so much is because it's basically run by a bunch of funnier versions of me.  I have the same interests that the columnists and video makers (the same people, in several cases) have, and they have a talent for hilariously dissecting modern pop culture and the pop culture of our youth.

3. dailygrace

Grace Helbig is the channel that I've subscribed to most recently, which happened just last week.  I discovered her through Jack Douglass (jacksfilms), who will talk about in a moment.  They do a web series together called My Music.  Anyway, I think that Grace is the funniest woman on YouTube.  I usually hate this style of video (vlogs) that just have a person on camera talking about whatever, but her on-screen persona and presentation, along with what she's actually saying, are just so endearing and funny.  I think of her as the antithesis of Jenna Marbles.  I hate Jenna Marbles so much I'm not going to link to her.  Also, she's the sexiest woman on YouTube.  Don't believe me?  Check out her Gangnam Style dance tutorial:

But sorry, Grace, I'm a married man, so you can't have me.  (If my wife had a YouTube channel, she would be the sexiest woman on YouTube.)

4. Jacksfilms

(Why, yes, that is Grace Helbig making an appearance in that video.)  The first Jack Douglass video I saw was Dubstep Solves Everything.  It intrigued me enough to check out his channel, and I absolutely fell in love with his "Your Grammar Sucks" series of videos that I'm always sharing on Facebook.  In these videos, he takes awful comments from YouTube and reads them as they're written, with hilarious results.  He also does parodies, sketches, and music.  I'm not a big fan of his music, but his sketches and parodies are great, especially his Apple commercial parodies.

5. lindseystomp

The first non-comedy channel to appear on this list.  Lindsey Stirling is a talented violinist and dancer, and my favourite LDS entertainer who isn't a novelist.  She combines her violin with electronic music, and sometimes does covers of popular nerd songs, like the Skyrim and Zelda theme songs.  And she's second only to Grace Helbig on my sexiest women of YouTube list.

6. The Arkwelder

Noah's channel.  It doesn't have a lot of videos, but this is the only one I need to worry about.

And that's pretty much it.  I hope you enjoy your trip through what I do on YouTube.  I have my own channel, but it's just videos of my family and my cat.  I guess I can link you to it, anyway.  I have 0 subscribers.


  1. I read your blog because it makes me feel better about my blog, the same way that going to Wal-Mart makes me feel better about myself. :p

  2. So the truth comes out. There is no emoticon for how heart-broken I am.

  3. Fun fact that I just discovered: Grace Helbig is the same age as my wife.


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