Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LGAA Notes

So I spent three days in Red Deer last week at the Local Government Administrators Association annual convention. When the first guest speaker started speaking, all of my fellow interns grabbed a pen and paper and started taking notes. "Pssshhh!" I said. "Notes! This isn't school." So I picked up my own pen and paper and took smart-ass notes. Some of the notes pertained to what the speaker said, and some were just random thoughts. I've provided parenthetical explanations where I deemed it appropriate. Either way, here they are. Enjoy:

-I am taking notes.
-Not to take away from her point, but I have never liked the letter E.
-The more she says "I Generation," the more I want to listen to my iPod.
-"I'll burn the building down." (This is an Office Space quote. The speaker was talking about a person who was upset that someone took her stapler."
-"Join the I Generation" sounds like a Pepsi slogan.
-It should be FIPP, not FOIP. (This is referring to Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, which is commonly abbreviated as FOIP, much to my chagrin.)
-Rod is such an A-hole.
-Uh-oh! Not the C-word!
-Mmm! Gum!
-Hey, that rhymes!
-Tee-hee-hee! She said panties!
-I lay on my back and put both legs in at the same time.
-Suck it, Lizzy! (Lizzy being Queen Elizabeth II)
-Nobody likes a smart-ass, Mik. (My name tag at the convention read "Mik MacKenzie," which amused me to no end.)
-Just like in Smallville.
-I'm a loner. A rebel.
-"But I still love technology/Always and forever."
-"How can anyone not like you?"
-Why are toothless children cute, but toothless adults are ugly?
-Real notes?
-Yeah, I can do that. (This has nothing to do with the "real notes" comment.)
1. Yes
2. Yeah
3. This does not apply
-My doodling is usually words. I word doodle.
-Ha-ha-ha! "My beans!"
-Smartiac Attacks!
-I bet no one else in the room doodled Cthulu burning down the hotel. (The speaker had earlier encouraged us to doodle, and then at this point said that he bets that six or seven people in the room doodled the same thing. I'm pretty sure I was an exception, because I had doodled Cthulu stand above a burning picture of Red Deer's Capri Centre and saying, "Blargh! My arms are too short!")
-Hooray for ABBA!
-I think Kurtis was abducted by aliens. Or maybe eaten by Cthulu.
-Slums of Jakarta would make a pretty good band name.
-My name is not Mik. It's not Erik, either.
-She looks like an older version of Maria Keen. (Maria was a friend of mine in my single days.)
-This is the most boring birthday ever. I better win the laptop. (I didn't.) It's not the worst birthday ever, though.
-Except for Highway 21, of course.
-I should grow my hair long enough to stick a pen in it. Or maybe my beard.
-31 years old, and I have a zit on my nose.
-2+2 does not equal 6, stupid.
-time for the birthday dance! (Then I drew I stick figure dancing.)
-Who's talking?
-I hate it when people say "were" instead of "we're".
-"The near term"; I like that.

I had four more pages of quality notes from Thursday, but the cleaning staff threw them away when I wasn't looking.


  1. haha....word doodler. Sounds like a veiled insult. You know, one of those that the insulter tries to insult the insultee by accusing the insultee with some unsavory accusation, but the insultee is actually pleased with said accusation.

    You'd look pretty cool with a pen in your beard.
    That being said, I put a pen in my ponytail today.

  2. I love a nice ponytail on a guy. Too bad my hubby cut his off.

    (I'm runner, by the way((as in runnershan)) )

  3. Why do you go to the Capri and not call me to come have lunch with you? Mean boy.

    Erik lives!


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