Saturday, July 10, 2010

You Only THINK it's Been Three Weeks!

I know what you're thinking.  "Hyper," you're thinking, "why have you gone nearly three weeks without updating your blog?  And how is it that you're reading my mind."  The answer should be obvious, even to your feeble 21st century minds.  If you're at all familiar with my history -- and, being a follower of my blog, you should be -- you'll know that I have a time machine.  The day after reviewing Mike Mix 2010, I traveled back to medieval times to lead the noble Asul Army against the dreaded nation of Pula.  I was, of course, victorious, having been taught in the ways of traditional warfare by Sir Headolence.
This image is a screenshot from my time machine's monitor as I hovered above the army giving commands and occasionally sending down a blast of laser fire.

"But!" you're self-satisfiedly thinking now.  "Why didn't you just come back to the time immediately after you left for the past so as not to let your blog fall into inactivity!"  Again, the answer is simple: Space and Time Assassin Ninjas, or SATANs.  They were going to attack me during the last couple of weeks, so I came back after they were dead.  See, once a SATAN is fully trained, he or she only lives for two weeks.  The cyborg body can only take so much anti-matter in the blood before imploding.

So that's why it has been nearly three weeks since my last blog post.


  1. I like the acronym. I'm going to use it and not pay homage to it's original creator.


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