Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Huge in Brazil!

My wife, who, as you all know, is from the distant future, celebrated her subjective 26th birthday.  (Objectively, she's -76010 years old.)  I blogged about it on my family blog, MiKenzie, Inc.

Everything I just said has very little to do with the rest of my story.

While I was on MiKenzie, I noticed that, listed among my followers (12 in all) there was this:

Interesting.  "Municipal de Mulungu" was pretty self-explanatory, and after I punch it into Google Translate, I learned that all of it together translates from Portuguese to "City Hall Mulungu."


I did some more searching, and discovered that Mulungu is a small town in the state of Paraiba in eastern Brazil.  Apparently, the city administration there loves blogs about unimportant Canadian families.

I also found this on wikipedia:  "Mulungu is a supreme creator god of the Nyamwezi people of Tanzania in eastern Africa. Despite being the creator and protector of the world, he is distant and has little contact with humanity. It is said that he once lived on Earth, but when someone set fire to the landscape he asked a spider to spin him a web to climb up into the sky, where he lives today. He is revered now as a sky god, with thunder as his voice."

Awesome.  I'm going to ignore the whole city hall thing and assume that one of my blogs is regularly read by the supreme creator god of the Nyamwezi people of Tanzania.  Whenever I hear thunder, I'll assume that he's telling me how cute my kids are.

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