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Dear Prime Minister (cc the motel I'm staying at)

So this lady checked into the motel a couple of weeks ago, and it wasn't long before she showed us that she was crazy.  It was little things mostly, like how she claimed that people no longer had to pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST).  We charged her GST for her stay, anyway.  Apparently, she wrote a letter to Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, and gave us a copy of the letter for some reason.  It was, of course, a crazy letter, and I would like to share it with you now.  A note for any foreigners reading: "The Crown" refers to the government of Canada, which is technically the British monarchy.  When people say "The Crown" in Canada, it's like when Americans say "The People" in a legal context.  (If Larry Flynt had been from Canada, the movie about him would have been called "The Crown vs. Larry Flynt" instead of "The People vs. Larry Flynt.")

So anyway, here's the letter:

Hon. Prime Minister
Stephen Harper
Parliament Building
Ottawa, ON

Dear Prime Minister:

2011 Tax Year

There is something gravely wrong in our nation, Canada, and in our associated provinces and territories, and within the cities, towns, villages, and hamlets within each said province and territory.

I had written to CRA some weeks ago to clarify the legislative basis for the Government of Canada to require all citizens to file a tax return for 2011 tax year.  I wrote this letter for several reasons but have not yet had a reply.  The reasons include:

1.  There is something wrong – enormously wrong – when we cannot say that we are Canadian citizens within, let’s say, the province of Alberta and with the city of, let’s say, Lethbridge in that province.  Someone has drastically modified The Crown and its land base (all its territory) thereby impacting, that is, voiding all legislation previously approved and enacted by The Crown and being enforced by various entities and/or individuals of The Crown, whether employee or contractor or agent.

2.  Page 5 of the CRA (can’t say name because legislation and Crown have been so modified as to make CRA invalid and non-existent) General Income Tax and Benefit Guide 2011 says “you must file a tax return for 2011 in any of the following situations apply: we sent you a request to file a return…”  I did not receive a request from The Crown to file a return.

I waited and waited for a response to my letter to CRA; to date, I have not heard from them.  For that reason, I thought I had better start getting ready to submit a tax return.

Today, April 21, I’m looking at all the documentation (Guide, tax return, forms) that I picked up at CRA’s office and I discover other associated problems of a very practical nature arose as I attempt to do my tax return.

The 2011 Guide for the tax year states on page 1 that it’s “Government of Alberta Information for Residents of Alberta.  What’s new for 2011?”

I can’t say, can barely write Government of Alberta, meaning just like CRA, it does not exist as an appropriately approved entity of The Crown with an identifiable land base for citizens.

On page 2, the problems become further pronounced.  It states “Complete form AB428 if you were a resident of Alberta at the end of the year (see pg 1 for definition).”  Further, it states that if you had income from a business with a permanent establishment outside Alberta, complete form T2203.

Further, it states you also have to complete form AB428 if you were a non-resident of Canada in 2011…

Because The Crown is ill-defined for what was once our nation of Canada, the Constitution Act and all its amendments have placed all of us in a state where:

1.  we don’t know who The Crown is;

2.  we don’t know if we are citizens of a city within Alberta (or some place) within Canada;

3.  we don’t know what the defined land base (territory) is for the province of Alberta

4.  we don’t know what the defined land base (territory) is for the nation of Canada.

With respect to 3 and 4, I ask how then can we declare/certify that we were/are residents of Alberta within Canada?  How can we identify income from a business with a permanent establishment outside Alberta – I’m thinking all of our banking, financial, credit union, and investment income and returns – when we don’t know the defined (in law) land base (territory) for Canada?  And if we cannot define Canada’s land, what do we do with income and investments returns off shore and globally?

3.  As with 2, the government of Alberta is non-existent.

These changes that have been made without consultation and cooperation, along with a referendum put before the citizens, have grossly eroded everything we are and knew.  All entities incorporated are potentially at risk because the incorporated are potentially at risk because the incorporation act is null and void, and cannot easily be reinstated with a retroactive date due to so many other decisions and contracts and commitments that were put in place between the date that change occurred and April 21, about 3:15 pm – as I’m writing this letter.

I would ask you, Mr. Harper, who would have a good sense of all the changes and what was intended, to declare that 2011 tax year be a jubilee year for all citizens while appropriate actions are taken to rectify the VOID created by The Crown’s actions.

Courts of law in this land are still fining citizens, arresting them, jailing them, eroding their rights as though they are not impacted by the VOID created by The Crown.  This should not be happening!  We are degenerating into a state of chaos, and I can’t even say that we’re becoming an undeveloped third world country; it’s like we are no country at all.  Who owns us?  Who owns our land?  Our resources?  Why tax us in such a situation?  There is no legitimate legal basis to do so.  And then the practical question arises paying taxes: in what currency?  Who is authorizing legally the minting of what used to be the Canadian dollar?  If we make our cheques payable to Revenue Canada or the Minister of Finance, that position does not exist because The Crown has modified “itself” and the government of Alberta and the government of Canada and all its elected, appointed, and hired officials, including senators, are not our legal representatives and have no right to cash our cheques if taxes are owed.

I think all Albertans would be dismayed to read page 1 which seems to erode the medical expense allowances for spouse and children (other dependents).

When one combines the absence, that is the void created in our citizenship status anywhere in Canada, not just Alberta, along with the erosion of land, resources, and now medical expense allowances, I suggest you encourage the Minister of Finance, head of CRA to rush out an announcement forgiving everyone as there is no need to file a tax return for 2011 – it’s impossible to do so with the VOID in The Crown.  If necessary, consult with experts in Israel on how a Jubilee of the Lord works.

No one who lived in Canada in 2011 should have to file a tax return and there should be no repercussions to anyone now or in the future because we did not file a tax return in the VOID created.

Some suggestions:

1.  Communicate what went wrong constitutionally and what is necessary to restore to those of us born in Canada our Canadian citizenship, along with rights, benefits, privileges, and responsibilities.

2.  Clarify for all if the Incorporation is invalid, who owns the assets of all organizations, non-profits, banks, societies, businesses, trademarks, etc.  Risk has to be managed responsibly.

3.  Consider how to release some offenders from jail – those who are not a risk to all citizens, thereby returning a family member to his family.  Eliminate the issuance of unendorsed warrants because the courts [in what land base] are invalidly constituted.  Massive crime bills are not needed for the majority of citizens.  Ease up taking citizens’ monies in such a legislative void – really, the absence of law because The Crown has not rightfully and clearly said to all citizens that this is the land in question.  It really means all governments in Canada are operating illegally, outside the law.  And to top it all, we have not been told who owns all the resources in this land.  Some may know, not the majority, and so we have continued to pay taxes and fines from an illegally constituted Crown.

Given the above, what has happened to the wealth and health of all of us and why should we pay more taxes?  Who is receiving the remuneration?  Is it [the remuneration] being used for all citizens?  What liability has been created that will fall on the citizens to pay?

An urgent communiqué to ever resident, to every tax payer, is needed before April 30, 2012.

I trust you will take up these matters with The Crown and the Minister of Finance asap.

I look forward to hearing from you.  I am reluctant to file a tax return for 2011 in such a legislative void – outside the law.  When the government is invalid, its Ministers, legislation, tax returns, forms, agencies, departments, currency, land are also invalid.

And that's how the letter ended.  My most urgent question is this: what does she think happened that has rendered Canada a non-entity?  She talks about the changes of the Crown as if it's public knowledge, but it's something that she made up, and she never explains it.  What happened?  What created the VOID?  What did the Crown do?  Why did she give this letter to the staff of the small motel she was staying in?  Was it her justification for why she didn't want to pay the GST?

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  1. Don't you just love crazy people. It reminds me of the time...crap I can't tell my crazy people stories.


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