Sunday, August 26, 2012

Basking in Reflected Glory

I always knew it wouldn't be me, but I'm glad one of the MT Vibes is taking the first steps towards a successful music career.  I blogged about the MT Vibes on my '90s blog, but if you're too lazy to follow that link, let me explain.  In high school, I was a member of a 12-man singing group called the MT Vibes.  (MT=empty.  Don't ask what it's supposed to mean, because nobody really knows.)  My nemesis, Jake Heninger, was a member, and so was another good friend named Kevin Calder.  Kevin and I have gone our separate ways since high school, but we still keep in touch on Facebook.  Our lives took very different paths.  He's a doctor, while I'm a front desk clerk at a small motel.  In addition to being a doctor, Kevin is also a singer/songwriter, and his debut album has just been released.  It's a good album, and you should buy it.  Here are some links:

Kevin on iTunes
Kevin on cdbaby if you want the CD

And here's his first video:

If he makes it big, I'll be able to say, "Hey, I used to sing with that guy!"  I'll show them the video of my rendition of "Teddy Bear" and say, "See?  He used to sing back-up for me."

Kevin is second from the left, next to the damnable Heninger.  I'm  at the microphone.  June 1996.

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