Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Blog

My first blog evolved into a way to keep my family up to date with what's going on in my life. This wasn't the original intention of my blog, but I don't want to change it, because I prefer that blog (which I have renamed "MiKenzie, Inc.") to using Facebook to stay in touch with my parents and siblings. This blog, which has taken over the "hyperblogianism" name in honour of my long-time screen name, hyperferrianism, is going to be dedicated more to humor, pet peeves, rants, and social commentary. For those of you who know me from (The Mo-Board), you may see some repetition of things I have said over there, and for those who have been following my first blog from the start, I'll be moving over the posts from there that fit in more with the spirit of this blog. But don't worry, there will be original content as well.


Hyper Shoe

Hyper Shoe
A red high-heel shoe has always been hyperferrianism's avatar