Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is the history of my online identities:

I was introduced to the Internet in 1994, but I never actually used it until 1996 in my senior year at high school. I joined a chat room. I forget what it was called, but it seemed very popular. I needed to come up with a screen name, so I chose the main character from the novel I had floating in my head. The name was inspired by Noah. A year or two previously, he came up with the name Stormy Dexterous. The name always tickled me, but it was too out-there for the name of a story character in the type of novel I had in mind. So I changed it, simply, to Stormy D. and added my grandmother's maiden name, Logan. Stormy D. Logan. The D, at a later date, was determined to be short for Daryl. Thus, my original screen name was born. All hail Stormy D. Logan! Currently, he is the drummer in my Rock Band and Rock Band 2 band called Psychic Mind Twins.

Fast forward to November 2000. I was recently returned from my mission, and Noah introduced me to bolt.com. When I joined, I was just going to use Stormy D. Logan. Noah told me that that was boring and that I need to make up a nonsense word (he was currently using the name "headolence"). I decided to stick to the roots of Stormy D. Logan. I took the word "dexterous" and transformed it into pneumodexterism. Thus, my second real screen name was born.

Pneumodexterism was me. I wanted another persona that I could fool around with without ruining my reputation as pneumo. So I created another nonsense word: hyperferrianism. Originally, he was effeminate (hence the shoe) and air-headed. He didn't make much of an impact. Headolence had an angry, offensive alter-ego called I_Hate_Babies. He was overbearingly offensive, especially towards the Wiccans on bolt. It seemed like a lot of fun, so hyper made the drastic change from gay air-head to ultra-conservative, ultra-offensive Wicca-basher. He made a huge impact. I kept up that offensiveness for about a month. One day, one of the Wiccans (a girl named MoonCreature) decided to only reply to my insults by telling me, sarcastically, that she loved me. After she did this a few times, I thought it would be funny to return her love and make a 180 degree turn. Over night, instead of a Wicca-basher, I became a Wicca-lover. For years, I was a well-loved mainstay of the bolt Wicca board. Hyper became my real persona, and pneumo fell by the wayside.

A list of the various trolls I had on bolt.com:

joe_socks was a spastic retard. His greatest moment on the Mormonism/LDS board at bolt was his post "morsanism" where he said DSL instead of LDS and wondered if we all sat around talking about polygamy and internet "conecshuns". I forget how I came up with the name.

Magenta_Moon_Pants was a delightful girl. She was a very fluffy Wiccan. Her name was a spoof of the names Wiccans came up with for themselves.

CaptainGrammar corrected grammar, and was devoted to wiping out Internet stupidity. His name is self-explanatory.

ForgetNorway was an interesting fellow. On the surface, he seemed well-spoken and intelligent, but the subject matter of what he wrote about proved to be a little spacey. His name was based on an Internet cartoon called "Kenya" by a guy who called himself weebl.

PayDayLoans was crude and offensive, and I'm ashamed that I ever created him. I came up with this name by looking out the window of Howard Johnson and seeing Pay Day Loans across the street.

Nalibug was a stoner. People thought his name was nailbug, but those people need to work on their reading comprehension. Nalibug is Filipino for confused.

hyperferrrianism (notice the three Rs) I created when the Mormon board was flooded with clones of all the regulars. No one cloned me, and I was jealous, so I cloned myself.

Dr. Renticulus was a cartoonish villain. He was based on the following comic strip: http://angryflower.com/comesh.gif. Fun guy.

antiwiccanistic. After hyperferrianism turned his back on his Wicca-bashing ways, I created antiwiccanistic to scratch the occasional itch to bash Wiccans without making my Wiccan friends mad at me.

angrofoliac was an enigma to me. I never really got who exactly he was. He wasn't a nice guy, but his anger lacked focus, and he never made a name for himself. His name was a made-up word using "anger" as the root.

sexaholism was a spoof of guys who are very crude and forward about soliciting cyber-sex.


  1. Hi shoe face.

    SydWeird / LiL-Miss-PUELLA / AL1CE / depravity

    has found you!

    I can be found here www.lurkingglass.com
    and some other places if you bother to look.


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