Saturday, May 29, 2010

Conniving Souls Scenes 7-10

Scene 7

Crane’s bathroom.  Crane stands in front of the mirror wearing a tight T-shirt and flexing his muscles.  He holds his hands in front of him.

CRANE:  to his hands.  Congratulations on yet another successful brain surgery, fellas.  Kisses his hands.  Daddy loves his little moneymakers.

Cylash enters.

CRANE:  Good morning, sugar-bottom.

CYLASH:  Good morning, darling.  I have to go.  I have a photo-shoot at 1:00, and wardrobe and make-up always take so long.

CRANE:  Has your private investigator found out anything about Chuck yet?

CYLASH:  I haven’t heard from her since I hired her.

CRANE:  Nothing?

CYLASH:  I only hired her yesterday.

CRANE:  He was home alone last night.  Surely, he took advantage of your absence to fool around with his mistress.  Pause.  Or mistresses.

CYLASH:  I’ll call her later for an update.  I have to get going now.  I’ll see you later.

CRANE:  Bye.

Cylash leaves.  Crane turns back to the mirror.  A John Black-like look of exaggerated suspicion spreads over his face.

Scene 8

Music montage of Connie following Chuck around all day.  He goes out for breakfast, goes to work and sits at his desk doing nothing, goes out for lunch, goes back to work and falls asleep, and finally goes home.  Connie waits around to see if any women show up.  Cylash enters the house.

Scene 9

Chuck sits on the couch watching Superman cartoons.  Cylash enters.

CYLASH:  Hello, Chuck.

CHUCK:  Cylash!  Hi, honey.  I’m so glad you’re home.


CHUCK:  I missed you.  And I was worried.  Where were you?

CYLASH:  What’s that supposed to mean?

CHUCK:  I—uh—what?

CYLASH:  Are you accusing me of something, Chuck?

CHUCK:  No, of course not, honey!  I was just worried.  You seemed so upset when you left last night.

CYLASH:  Oh, yes, I’m sure!  The benevolent Charles Lexington Stanton was concerned that his wife was off somewhere along crying!  Why don’t you just cut the crap and admit that you think I’m having an affair?

CHUCK:  What?!

CYLASH:  Don’t play dumb with me, Chuck.  You’ve always been jealous.

CHUCK:  No I haven’t.

CYLASH:  You’ve always been suspicious.  You figure a woman of my great beauty must be unfaithful.  Admit it!

CHUCK:  No!  The thought never even crossed my mind!

CYLASH:  Well let me tell you something, Mr. President-of-the-company: high-powered businessmen like you are notorious for having affairs.  If there’s a cheater in this marriage, it’s you!

Cylash turns and walks away.

CHUCK:  Cylash, wait!

Cylash storms out of the house.

CHUCK: My middle name isn't Lexington.

Scene 10

Connie sits in a car across the street from Chuck’s house.  She watches Cylash leave.

CONNIE:  Is that your deal, Mr. Stanton?  Fight with you wife until she’s driven out, allowing an opportunity for your mistress to arrive?  Eats a carrot.  But why go through the trouble of upsetting your wife that much?  Why not just tell your wife that you’re going to the bar with your buddies and then meet up with your mistress?  There are easier ways to have an affair.  Eats another carrot.  Well, let’s see if your mistress shows up.

PASSERBY:  Who are you talking to?

Connie blushes and pulls her hood up.  Passerby moves on.

Any suggestions what song I should use for the music montage in Scene 8?  And don't say "I'll Be Watching You" by The Police.

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