Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Direction

I have been inspired.  hyperblogianism, one of three blogs that I maintain, has always been lost, aimless, and without cohesion.  I had abandoned it; my last post dating back to September of last year, and it was just a copy-and-paste collection of banality.  But now, I have found inspiration from the most unlikely of sources: a LOLcats blog.  By the way, that's the same link as my first hypertext at the beginning of this post.  Go ahead and visit it again; you'll be a better human being having done so.

My mentor for the last 45 years or so has been a man who is now known as Sir Headolence the Dubious.  His birth name has long since been lost to time, fallen between the cracks of history.  Also, it's Noah.  When I visited his blog at (third time's a charm), I found his collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Rockwood (she needs no introduction or links; we all know where to find Dr. Rockwood) nothing short of miraculous.  Literally miraculous.  But, as I said, Sir Headolence is my inspiration, so I will never again mention Dr. Rockwood on this blog under penalty of death.  (Your death, not mine.)

On this blog, I will strive to live up to Sir Head's strict philosophical path, his ever-growing wisdom, his love for semi-literate kittens, his bearded glory.  I will fail in doing so.  One can only hope to achieve a fraction of his greatness.
Look at his stately beard on the right there.  It makes me look like a woman.

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