Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mental Diarrhea

As I sit down to write this entry, I have no topic in mind.  I have no idea what I'm going to write.  So why am I writing anything?  I just felt the need to update my blog before too much time passes.  I don't want to lose the groove that I'm building up.  This is the most exciting creative project I've had in a while.  It's slightly more exciting than the short story I'm writing about telepathic time travel.

I wrote an entry earlier today using pen and paper (or dead tree skin, as I like to call it in an attempt to feel bad-ass).  However, I can't post it until Lenscrafters gets their freaking act together and gives me my new glasses.  I should totally make them pay me an advertising fee for that link there.  It's the least I deserve for waiting a week for my ready-in-1-hour glasses.

I just asked my wife what she was working on, and then totally ignored her answer.  That's just how I roll, baby.
Remember when I said I Photoshopped a picture of my wife taking a knife to my severed head?  Of course you do; that was just a few days ago.  Well, the above picture is what I used.  I just replaced the cake with my head and added some blood.


  1. It's hard to keep a blog going. My once daily blog has become more of a weekly one. It would help if people gave me ideas. Are you planning on submitting some of your short stories someplace?

  2. I have to finish 'em first.


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